[自分用メモ]ルネッサンス アップデート
New UPCs
* Addition of NPC Catherine Torsche and stance [Death Chopping]
* Addition of NPC Asoka and Stance [Sect of MoonLight]
* Addition of NPC Emilia the lunatic and Stance[Madness]
* New NPC - Valleria

New Zones, Missions and Raids
* Raid mission - addition of griffon
* Mission - Addition of secret safe in Arsene's room
* Mission - Addition of basement in Dr. Torsche's Mansion
* Raid - Minor modification of Chainrush
* Reduction of entrance fee for Oculta Dungeon Number of used runes are decreased to 3 from 5 runes.
* Renewal of low level regions
* Addition of colony supply mission
* Castilla, Mine Mission
* Castilla, Tower of Chaos Mission
* Raid Modification (difficulty level increase, reward modification, game play modification
* Castilla Mission - Relic
* Castilla Region Addition
* World Map Expansion/Modification
* Castilla - Roulette Reward
* Castilla - List of Rewards
* Castilla - Field Raid
* Castilla - Temple
* New Mission - Prison de Jaquin
* Improved reward for field/mission raids

New Stances
* Expert Stance - Addition of Instrument
* Expert Stance - Addition of Shotgun
* Expert Stance - Addition of Cannon
* Expert Stance - Addition of Blunt Weapon
* Modification of existing stance and skills
* Expert stance - crossbow
* Expert stance - Javelin
* New Constellation Stance - Pole-Arm
* New Constellation Stance - Saber
* Stance Modification - Darkness
* Stance/Skill Modification
* About stance

New Weapons, Armors and Costumes
* Addition of elite trump armors
* Modification of existing earring options
* Addition of expert earring
* Addition of expert gloves
* Addition of expert shoes
* Addition of stance ring manufacturing process and improved stance ring
* Renewal of ring box
* Replace Horn of Baphomet Horn of Baphomet is changed to gold phoenix wing. It has same options.
* Addition of various costumes and items
* Item Addition and Modification
* About item

New Systems
* Castilla - New Medal System
* Castilla - New Relic Exchanger

Major Changes
* Cross-World Arenas
* Addition of pioneer guild
* Updated Upgrade System
* Increased Upgrade level limit to level 13.
* Increased monster respawn rate for Bahamar premium dungeons.
* Colonial War Renewal
* Promotion System Renewal
* Settler's Item Modification and Addition of Shiny Crystal
* Post-System-Modification Rewards
* Quest Modification

Other Changes
* Addition of 8th Quarters. Now up to 72 characters may be created.
* Added a new hotbar. Up to 12 items can be bound to this bar.
* Addition of new /shout and /mike microphone commands.
* Addition of character information display option
* Increased Panpan pet's buff effect: Now increases Stance XP, Character XP and Drop rate by 20%. (NEUME NOTE: I believe they are saying Panpan buffs for 40% instead of 20%. We'll verify in QA).
* +SP% option has been applied to veteran level armors, weapons and gloves.
* Items left in your Marketplace Cabinet are no longer deleted after 7 days. (NEUME NOTE: It appears there is no expiration date on these items. This will be confirmed in testing).
* The second reception hall in each town has been removed.
* The number of items sold on the Marketplace can now be increased to 20 slots with vis. [11 ~ 15 -> 500,000 vis each] [16 ~ 20 -> 1,000,000 vis each]
* Full Mute option has been added to disable all sound. Also added function to mute character voices.
* Right-click option added to the server board (LOL?) - Whisper and view profile function added.
* Updated Right-click menu. Unused options are hidden. ex) Families not included in Group chat cannot see "invite to Group chat".
* Modification of Baron item drop status. Pioneer items are destroyed after being dropped.
* New Clan Death Alarm function added to Clan Chat. When a Clan member has been killed the following message will appear: - has been defeated by 's member.
* Option has been added to hide zone movement messages for Clan members.
* Deleted notice that pops up after failing to Upgrade an item above level 7. Notice is still given when the Upgrade process has been successful.
* Deleted notice that pops up when a player promotes a character to Expert. Notice is still given when a player promotes a character to Master.
* Addition of tradelock password. This will prevent the trade of items from your account without your permission.
* Modification of pet feeding methods
* Quarters now displays a character's exact level information. ex) [Master] -> [Master 5Lv]
* Portal and teleport spells are usable in Errac fields.
* Marketplace fees have drop from: 1% -> 0.1% / Hide Family name fee: 3% -> free
* Modification of stance weapon grade for double handed weapons Attack rate is increased by 1 level when the added attack grade of two hands is an odd number
* Modification of required abrasives for pioneer guild's items The number of required abrasives will not be increased. Number of required abrasives has been increased for damaged ancient items
* Modification of recipe ingredients
* Application of item reinforce effects of item crystal
* Renewal of premium treasure box, heaven's treasure box Addition of [Symbol of Virgo], [Item Crystal - 26 Class] -> [Item Crystal - 26 Class]
* Addition of newbie package
* Starter kit renewal
* Addition of Bounty Hunter Guild
* System/Content Modification (NPC deletion, etc)
* New Costume Exchange Function
* New Clan List Search Function
* Pioneer Monument Hunt Mission Modification
* Zone Channel Modification
* Bounty Hunter Guild Renewal
* One-Day Mission Renewal
* Quest Modification
* Added and modified contents and systems
* Addition of resistance point for enemy guild
* Improved veteran hunting field
* Improved Ustiur manufacturing item
* Improved mission raid entrance
* Increased number of Warp Expansion Slots to 20, adjusted Warp License item's effect. Added new tier of Warp License.
* Improved manufacturing item
* Intensification and socket addition of manufactured items

Bug Fixes
* After level down of expert status characters, characters can no longer convert to master status.
* Castilla destroyer symbol quest requirements have been fixed.
* When all of the characters are defeated, you can now use the soul crystal.
* Whisper bug that occurs when the player enter the previous team start zone during barrack mode has been fixed.
* 1:1 chat window no longer disappears even after talking to NPC with minimized 1:1 chat window.
* Cost is no longer displayed higher than the actual used cost for socket processing.
* Chat window no longer closes when you choose the "talk" menu with Lorch after receiving Al Quelt Moreza, Holy Water Chamber quest.
* You can now use all of your portable bullet box in your missions.
* Quest contents are now visible when new quest alarm is clicked.
* When you try to harvest mineral from Castilla area with items that you do not own, the game would prevent you from harvesting minerals at all. This bug has been fixed.
* Now, all of the guilds can proceed with the pioneer quest from Lyndon.
* When level up treasure boxes are used, shadows of treasure box no longer remains.
* Magic weapon crystal no longer pops out after putting grand crossbow into the furnace.
* Certain enemy clan members are no longer depicted as your allies during certain circumstances.
* You cannot perform Auch Infantry quest repetitively anymore.
* All of the guilds will be able to receive pet box (Ggoggo) after proceeding with the pioneer's quest.
* Event fortify ring does not drop during certain raids and roulette anymore.
- Event fortify rings will be replaced with normal fortify rings.
* Enchant chip novice items are no longer excluded from the starter kit purchased from the cash shop.
* Male scout type 2 character's facial accessory appearance has been fixed.
* Misclassification of Violeta hat and Colonel cut costumes have been corrected.
* Misclassification of Undulate of steel item has been corrected.
* Pet expert quest mail now can be deleted.
* Nar character's face during figure pose has been modified.
* Bleeding debuf effects are now visible.
* Wight's mrifire range has been modified.
* Paralysis debuff effect during redemption debuff has been corrected.
* Item application direction of Dogtooth of steel and elite dog tooth of steel have been modified.
* Quest direction display error has been corrected.
* Reboldoeux's face graphic has been modified.
* Colony war proceeding error has been fixed.
* Soul crystal error that occurs when all of the guilds are dead has been fixed.
* When mass health filler and health generators are purchased from shiny crystal shop, intensified health filler will no longer come into your inventory.
* Valleria's cure skill is no longer detected during auto detection.
* Strengthening socket is no longer manufactured during shield manufacturing process.
* Arbetal NPC's sales item cost has been modified.
* Sacred protection skill from crusader's stance no longer benefits from double immunity effect.
* Eagle eye tool tip typo of the shadow sting stance has been corrected.
* Melee enhancement tool tip typo from enhance tactics stance has been corrected.
* When item buffed characters are included in MCC, the same item may be reused from now on.
* When debuff release items are used, buff alarm message will pop up and items may be used.
* Menu error upon right click on other family's characters has been fixed.
* NPC location information in quest Simon's calling 3 has been modified.
* Item name typos have been corrected.
* When peltast and shoot stance skills are used, damages are properly applied but it is no longer depicted in purple color. (It will be fixed in a short future.)
* Death chopping's abnormally high basic stats are corrected.
* Squad invite errors have been corrected.
* When manufacturing Shelva's armshield, sockets are no longer created.
* Squad invite error that occurs when inviting friends from friend list without creating the squad has been corrected.
* Squad invite error during burlon state has been corrected.
* Family summon error that occurs in certain situations has been corrected.
* Family information is now correctly displayed when right clicking the chatting window system tab.
* Macro error that occurs by saving more letters than intended has been corrected.
* Family and squad chatting errors in GEMOCON have been corrected.

マイッタネ ┐(´ー`)┌

テーマ : グラナド・エスパダ
ジャンル : オンラインゲーム




Playing Sword2 on the Orpesia server

Family : annin
Sever : Orpesia
Clan : Catharsis
Family Lv. : 47+3

[M1]Beak Ho





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